Samay is a free & simple to use stand-alone system automating all your .NET scheduling needs.

It completely replaces Windows© Services & Windows© Task Scheduler for scheduling background tasks like reporting, maintenance, nightly runs, timers and other cron-like jobs. 

Samay .NET is an open source project hosted on GitHub and source code is available under the terms of Apache license here:


Download the latest Samay Installer by clicking the 'Download' button on the right.


.NET Scheduler Features:

  • Create Unlimited Jobs with Unlimited Reusable Tasks inside each Job using your favorite .NET language like C# or
  • Supports repetitve and fixed number of executions of Jobs. Allows for repetition interval to the millisecond and also on the clock for special need jobs.
  • Automate simple to the most complicated Tasks in .NET inheriting the 'TaskBase' class.
  • Support for reusable Tasks. Create Task chain in your Jobs and pass data through the Task Chain.
  • Support for extensive logging built in for your Tasks.
  • Samay makes Full & Efficient Use of Hardware Infrastructure & CPU Cores. The abstraction layers makes it really easy to create custom jobs of any complexity.

Highly Flexible Job Scheduling:

  • Each Job can have one or more of the following Schedules to the minute...
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly
    • One-Time
  • Support for Overnight Schedules.
  • Exclude Dates - Supports both Global Exclude Dates (Holidays) and Job specific dates